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I am so excited to meet you!

My books are open 4 weeks out from the current date. If you cannot find a date and time that you want you can add yourself to the waitlist and you will be contacted if an appointment opens up. (I recommend also booking an appointment for a later date.)


How to choose services:

If this will be your first time visiting the salon, or it has been 8 months since your last appointment with, please chose from the New Client Sessions category.

If you are returning and I have seen you in salon in the last 8 months please choose from the Returning Client Sessions category.

If you aren't sure what to book fill out the consultation form and I will help you. 


When booking is complete you will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time, and asking you to complete our Policies and Contact Information Form prior to your appointment (if you haven't already filled it out, this is updated yearly). If you are on the waitlist, you will be contacted if an appointment becomes available.

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