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Hair Extensions

Our 24/7 Extensions integrate seamlessly into your hair adding the length and fullness of your dreams. 

Your extensions and custom color matched and cut so no one will know you even have extension. Get ready for the " Your hair grew so fast!" compliments.

Our methods are gentle, comfortable and tailored to your exact needs. 


Are Hair Extension uncomfortable?

Nope! There is a small adjustment period since there is something new attached to your hair but it's gone within a matter of hours

Will anyone be able to tell I'm wearing them?

HECK NO! The 24/7 Extensions are expertly colored, and cut to blend with your natural hair. Some hair types and textures may want to spend an extra 30 seconds using one of the tips outlined in the Extensions Maintenance Guide, but literally, it's 30 seconds.

Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?

There are only two reasons extensions could damage your hair.

1. Improper installation: Not a worry over here, I have years of experience and hundreds of hours of practice on all hair types

2. Improper Home Care: You are set up for success. With the home care kit with all the products and tools you need, and the Extension Maintenance Guide emailed to you right after your installation you will have no trouble caring for your hair

Will I have to spend a lot more time on my hair?

Actually, the opposite. Extensions can save you a ton of time. they hold their curl well, and you don't have to wash as often. Most clients enjoy the ease of a "Toupee Wash" to refresh. (The "Toupee Wash" is outlined in our Extension Maintenance Guide) 

How often will I need to maintain my Hair Extensions?

You will need to visit every 6-8 weeks to have your extensions refreshed.

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Extension pricing  (3).png

*Pricing varies based on hair quality needed, and payment plan chosen.

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