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After years of seeing clients suffer with fine hair that doesn't give them the look that they want, or thinning (temporary or permanent) which is devastating to our mental health. I decided to dive in to education to provide solutions.

There is no one size fits all solution to fine or thinning hair. I take into account your lifestyle, hair goals, current and long term budget, and prognosis to deliver solutions that are easy to incorporate into you life. 

You will see many pictures of solutions using hair extensions and our non-surgical hair replacement Microlines, but many clients opt for solutions using new care routines at home as well as nutrition and/or supplements. 


Work with me



Find the right service for you, and book online

Check out my menu of services. If you aren't sure what is right for you, just fill out the consultation form and I can help you determine the best service for you. 

*Virtual Consultations are available!


Fill out your Pre-Visit Quesionnaire

As soon as you have booked your appointment you will receive an email with your Pre-Visit Questionnaire.

Fill this out prior to your appointment so we can dive into finding solutions.

If you are booking a color service please bring inspiration photos. 


Appointment Day

Come in and make yourself at home. 

We will start with a thorough hair and scalp evaluation, and go over your pre-visit questionnaire. With the information we get there we will determine the best course of action.

If you booked a long appointment we have snacks and beverages. You can also bring your computer if you need to get some work done. 


What's Next!

During your appointment we will determine a recommended schedule to continue to treat and maintain your hair and scalp. 

 If you choose a Hair and Scalp Analysis you will receive an email after your appointment with "the plan." "The plan" is all the information you need to be successful at home with your new routine, and products. 





8 - 2

8 - 2


The Hair Studio, Corralitos

531 Corralitos Rd. Unit D

Corralitos, CA 95076



Text or Call: 831 724 5256

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